The Ultimate Beach Body Workout And Diet For Men Who Want To Get In Shape

With summer fast approaching, now's the time to power up your workout, get in control of your diet, and make sure you're in prime condition for the beach.

This ultimate workout and diet will get you pumped up and lean in the shortest time.

If you're over 40 or have any medical conditions, just be sure to check in with your doctor before starting the regime.

You can do these exercises in the gym or at home with the right equipment.

Remember to warm up with a little light cardio before lifting weights.

If you feel strain beyond the normal muscle weariness you expect with hard training, take a break or do fewer reps.

Building up slowly is the key to success.

You want to spend the summer on the beach, not a hospital bed.

The Ultimate Beach Body Workout


We've compiled a list of the best beach exercises and explained each one below.

Read on for:

Bench Press with Dumbbells

Start with dumbbells.

The classic bench press is still the best way to power your pecs.

Lie on a bench and place both feet flat on the floor.

Take the dumbbells in each hand and bring them level with your chest.

Lift them up straight, and then lower them down slowly to the starting position.

Start with three sets of 12, then 10, then 8 reps with five seconds rest between each rep.

As you get stronger, work up to 12 reps per set, and once that's too easy, add more weight.

The Dumbbell Fly

Lay in the same position as the bench press, but this time hold the dumbbells shoulder-width apart, your palms turned inward, facing each other.

Breathe in and lower the bells to the level of your chest, and then back up as you breathe out.

It's like miming a bear hug.

Do Push-Ups

Some exercises are popular because they work so well.

Push-ups sculpt your pecs, triceps, shoulders, and toughen your core.

Get into a plank, your hands in line with your shoulders, keeping your back straight and legs extended.

Keep that posture as you bend your elbows until your chin touches base.

The rest of your body should still be clear of the floor.

Straighten up again and repeat.

Again, aim for three sets of 12 reps.

Curl with Dumbbells

Do this exercise sitting with your back supported.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms upward.

As you breathe in, bend your elbows, curling the bells up to shoulder height.

As you breathe out, lower them back into starting position.

Repeat three sets working up to 12 reps each set with five seconds rest after each one.

Tricks for Triceps

Too many guys beef up their biceps but neglect their triceps.

For your arms to look buff, you need a balance.

You can increase your triceps' definition with barbell extensions.

Back on the bench, lift a barbell above your face, keeping your elbows straight with forward-facing palms.

Lower the barbell toward your forehead and then lift it back.

Three sets of 12 reps should do it.

Make sure you can handle the weight before you start this exercise.

You don't want to drop it and spoil your handsome features.

Get Pushing


Too many routines concentrate on pulling, but pushing is just as important for a toned body.

Use resistance bands to exercise your triceps.

This is like the earlier exercise in reverse.

Stand straight, elbows by your sides and gripping the band handles with forearms and palms facing the floor.

Stretch down to full extension and slowly release back to starting position.

As usual, aim for 12 reps per set and do three sets with a short break between the sets.

Deltoid Shoulder Press

This exercise is also called the military press.

Shaping the deltoids in the shoulder, this exercise helps build the “perfect triangle” upper body look.

This time, sit down on the bench, supporting your back against a rest.

Lift the dumbbells to shoulder height, keeping them about a shoulder's width apart.

Face your palms forward.

Lift the bells up to full extension as you breathe in and lower them as you breathe out.

Repeat 12 times for three sets.

Weighted Squats

Weighted squats are a great way to sculpt your legs and back.

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbells down by your sides.

Keeping your back straight, lower your knees and tilt forward until the dumbbells touch the floor.

Reverse the motion until standing again.

Repeat 12 times for three sets.

Pull Down on Those Laterals

Use resistance bands to work your lateral muscles (or lats) which extend from the middle back to the waist.

Grab the handles with your hands, keeping them wider than your shoulders and your elbows straight.

Then pull the bands down to your chest, keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides.

Slowly release the bands back up and repeat.

Again, you're aiming for three sets of 12 reps.

Row For Your Rhomboids

The rhomboids are the main muscles of the upper back.

Rest one knee and hand on the bench, with the other foot on the floor, having placed a dumbbell next to the bench.

Now lean down with your free hand and lift the dumbbell from the elbow until it's at waist level.

Lower the bell and repeat.

You must do this with the other side, too, swapping to the opposite knee and hand.

Go for 12 reps in three sets each side.

Bicycle Crunches

The fastest way to pump your abdominal muscles is to do dynamic crunches.

The bicycle crunch is known as the “King of Crunches.”

Lay on the floor on your back with hands clasped behind your head.

Then lift your legs alternately making a cycling motion.

As you do that, twist and lift your torso so that your elbows rise to meet the opposing knees.

Make sure your lower back is in contact with the ground throughout.

Complete 12 reps in three sets.

Bust Your Gut

The above workout, done three times a week, will build and sculpt all the major muscle groups in your body.

But you won't see any improvement if you still carry layers of unnecessary fat over the muscles.

Besides the workout, you need to do moderate cardio, such as jogging, swimming, or fast walking for at least a half an hour each day.

You can have one day off per week.

The Ultimate Beach Body Diet

Eat Right to Get the Most Benefit

To maximize muscle build and fat loss, you need to eat right.

That means no sugar, no junk food, and no saturated fats.

Eat healthy, natural proteins such as lean meats and fish and dairy products, along with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Avoid white carbs such as refined flour, white rice and potatoes.

Substitute with whole grains, pulses and brown rice.

Avoid alcohol and drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

This workout and diet regime will get your body ready for the beach.

How quickly you see a result depends on your fitness level at the outset and how disciplined you are as you progress.

But one thing is certain: the sooner you begin, the sooner you'll see those results.

If you want to turn heads on the beach this summer, now is the time to start.

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