About Muscle Pursuits

About Muscle Pursuits

Welcome to MusclePursuits.com where we share bodybuilding tactics straight from the trenches.

We comb through research papers, guinea pig the latest supplements and spend hours sweating it out in the gym every day to learn what really works.

We decided to start this site so that we can post about our results and what’s working in the real world.

Every post comes from in depth research and real world experience by trainers, doctors, nutritionists and people in the gym figuring stuff out!

We provide you with golden nuggets of information you can takeaway and start using today to get in the best shape of your life.

Meet Team Muscle Pursuits!

These are the people helping to make MusclePursuits.com one of the best bodybuilding websites on the internet!


Brandon Russell

A heralding native from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Brandon Russell has a B.S. in Kinesiology via Indiana University.

StrongFirst kettlebell certified (SFG I), Brandon has worked with a wide array of individuals ranging from youth athletes to the elderly.

A fan of both the Minnesota Vikings (Skol!) as well as the Indiana Pacers, Brandon’s mission is to help as many individuals as possible by improving their current level of fitness and training through reliable, credible information and methodologies.

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My name is Stijn Lamers, a fitness enthusiast with years of gym experience.

I am always open to learning new things, about health, fitness, personal growth and travelling.

For me, the goal of writing articles about health and fitness is to help others learn and get results on their fitness journey.

Richard Wolfe

Richard can usually be found at the local gym chasing those gains.

Having lost over 20kg through a rigorous program of dieting and weights, and trained one-to-one with a PT for close to two years, Richard has learned many health and fitness hacks that he is now delighted to share with fellow gym-goers.

A music enthusiast, much of Richard’s spare time is taken up listening to, writing and dancing to any one of a number of his favorite producers.

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James H Lyons

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

James Lyons is a registered clinical nutritionist with special interest in preventative medicine, endocrine conditions and LGBTQI health.

He is passionate about health education and patient autonomy, and he supports resources that empower everyone to make informed decisions about their health.

James lives in the eastern beaches area of Sydney, Australia and works globally.

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Jamie 1

Jamie Cripps

Having spent many years training in boxing, followed by a study in the personal trainer and fitness industry, Jamie has now decided to mix his skills to write great quality content about health and fitness.

During his many years of writing, Jamie has released a number of different books on Amazon for Kindle, as well as helping many other writers to accomplish their writing projects.

Jamie has already contributed with a number of fitness related articles and will continue to deliver even more fitness projects, from workout plans, to things you should know in the gym, to much more beyond that.

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Pedro Bernardes

Since I was 5 years old my life has been connected to sports.

I started playing Hockey and doing Gymnastics. Meanwhile, I played Soccer, Swimming but when I was 12 years old, I started to do Martial Arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Judo and Ju-Jitsu, something I keep doing.

At 15 I found the pleasure and passion of doing board sports such as Skimboarding.

I competed until 2012 and became an International Judge afterwards!

I never stopped surfing, skating and snowboarding!

It was inevitable to do a degree in Sport’s Science and Physical Education between 2000 and 2005.

I found Fitness in 2006, were I did a Fitness course and started to work in 2007.

I fell in love with it. I have been doing everything related to Fitness since then, such as Group Classes, Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager.

I also had some experiences in teaching Martial Arts and being a Soccer coach, but nowadays, besides Fitness, I teach in a Surf Post-Graduation at the University, I am dedicated to being a fitness teacher.

In 2017 I started a Master’s degree in Sports Training – High Performance!

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Matt Smith is a freelance fitness and nutrition writer with a degree in Sports Science and seven years experience as a personal trainer.

He also runs Beer & Biceps a website that combines two of his loves.

Matt lives in Nottingham, England with his partner and their dog

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Alberta, where she specialized in Sports Performance and Psychology.

In addition to her degree, she is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and has been working in the field for over 12 years now, helping others lose weight, build muscle, and improve their athletic performance.

She’s worked with people of all ages and helped them find the right fitness path for themselves.

She is a regular contributor to Bodybuilding.com and has also contributed well over 400 articles to a variety of different websites dedicated towards muscle building and athletic performance.

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