5 Reasons To Start Doing HIIT + Video!

Over the last few years a new type of workout has hit the scence called HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.

Like the name says, it’s intense and designed to test your limits.

A workout usually lasts less than 30 minutes.

HIIT is, according to Gibala (2008) or Weston et al. (2014) a type of workout near maximum capacity (70% to 90% of Oxygen maximum consumption – V̇O2max or 75 to 95% of the maximum heart rate – HRmax), using short bursts of time ranging from 8 seconds to several minutes, intermingled with periods of rest or active recovery. 

Usually, it uses a work/rest ratio of 1/1, 1/2 or 2/1 (Example: 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest; 1 minute work/2minute rest; 2 minutes work/1 minute of rest), but it varies, according to the objective of the workout.

HIIT isn’t a type of workout for beginners because its often objective is to do as many repetitions of the exercises as fast as possible or/and do exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time.

Both demand technique. And technique takes time to achieve. So, before thinking of doing HIIT, get comfortable with your workouts in the Exercise Room.

Here’s why you should start doing HIIT:


HIIT is a short type of workout that provides big benefits and results.

It’s the ideal workout for those who don’t have time to exercise.

It triggers hormonal responses that high volume and long workouts don’t!

They also produce adaptations, benefits and results in a much shorter time frame than the other types of workouts.

Health Benefits

HIIT is health. Of course, with the right amount and adapted to a person’s capabilities and limitations.

It’s increases your ability to use Oxygen, oxidize fat and Insulin sensitivity.

These factors help you decrease your body fat and blood pressure, resulting in a large decrease of risk in Cardio Vascular diseases as well as metabolic ones such as Diabetes.


It’s engaging and fun! You don’t have time to think, just to do.

This is a workout done at an intense rhythm, and in group classes, with music the engagement is even greater.

And when you are having fun, time flies by, exercise is pleasurable and the chance to keep coming back is greater.

This has been proven by Bartlett (et al., 2011) that found that perceived enjoyment in HIIT is greater than steady state exercise.


If you are looking for an efficient way to lose weight, body fat or to increase your endurance capability, HIIT can be the answer.

Besides the proven efficiency and the health benefits we mentioned earlier, HIIT can and will help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Some studies have also found some increase in muscular strength, especially in beginners, but not so significant in trained people.

Although HIIT is an anaerobic workout, it helps to increase your aerobic capacity (endurance) because it increases your ability to use oxygen and delays your lactate threshold.

This last factor decreases your capability in muscle contraction by changing your muscle plasma pH, making the necessary chemical reactions for muscle function less effective.

Therefore, delaying your lactate threshold increases your ability to sustain higher intensity exercises for longer periods.


HIIT provides a challenge and is going to test your limits.

Exercising at a near maximum heart rate (or maximum, if you’re not used to it and/or you’re undertrained) is very demanding.

If one of the objectives of this workout is to do maximum repetitions in a pre-determined time frame, high intensity is a guarantee.

For some people, this type of challenge is very rewarding. This also makes monotony almost non-existent in this type of workout.

The Workout! (30 Minutes)

Warm up:

1’ – Skipping

1’ – Half Burpee

1’ – Jumping Jack

1’ – Bear Crawls (Forward and Backward)

1’ – Ab Twists

1’ – Rest


Fundamental (30’’ Work / 30’’ Rest) – do the exercises as fast as you can:


1 – Jumping Squat

2 – Burpee

3 – Side Jump                                           Repeat 2x

4 – Mountain Climbers

5 – 1’ Rest



1 – Spider Crawls (Forward and Backward)

2 – Narrow to Sumo Squat

3 – Arm Plank Side Walk (both sides)                           Repeat 2x

4 –Jumping Lunges

5 – 1’ Rest



1 – Plank

2 – Double Leg Raise                                                     No rest between

3 – Heel Touch                                                         1’ of workout each exercise

4 – Lower Back Hyperextension

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