5 Of The Best Exercises For Bigger Lats

Ranging from the professional body builder to the casual gym goer, having a torso and even more specifically in this case a back that resembles the letter V is ideal. To have a back resemble the letter V is the combination of a small waist which would be the bottom of the V in conjunction […]

5 Reasons To Start Doing HIIT + Video!

Over the last few years a new type of workout has hit the scence called HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Like the name says, it’s intense and designed to test your limits. A workout usually lasts less than 30 minutes. HIIT is, according to Gibala (2008) or Weston et al. (2014) a type of […]

The “Maximum Pump” Upper Chest Workout

“These five exercises will take your upper pecs from flat to jacked in no time and make chicken-chested guys green with envy” Summer’s just around the corner and every guy wants to look his best on the beach or by the pool. For most of us, that means ramping up chest-day workout intensity and getting […]

The 8 Minute Fat Incinerating HIIT Workout

One of the most popular forms of exercise in recent year is the HIIT workout, due to the fact that it is quick and will not take up much of your time at all. You can squeeze a very effective HIIT workout into your day with ease, without even having to leave your home. Here […]

5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Kettlebells During Your Workouts

If you’ve spent any time in a gym, chances are you’ve run across a kettlebell at least once. Running across a kettlebell is one thing – picking it up and using it within your routine is something totally different. This is a kettlebell: It is said that kettlebells originated in Russia approximately 350 years ago. […]

5 Proven Benefits Of Calisthenics Fitness Training

Bodyweight calisthenics is one of the most versatile and effective forms of physical fitness training you will ever do. It’s not just another gym fad, it’s a system of training that’s been used around the world for thousands of years. Whether you’re just starting a physical training program or looking for a proven new way […]

Four Powerful Exercises You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

Don’t let a little thing like having a job stop you from getting in shape. You can do a quick and easy workout during your lunch break and it’ll help energize your afternoon. These four exercises are perfect to build muscle and burn off some calories without ever needing to leave the office: #1 Chair […]

The Ultimate Beach Body Workout And Diet For Men Who Want To Get In Shape

With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to power up your workout, get in control of your diet, and make sure you’re in prime condition for the beach. This ultimate workout and diet will get you pumped up and lean in the shortest time. If you’re over 40 or have any medical conditions, just be […]